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New Students
Once your network account is created and you have determined your user ID, you are assigned a default password. The default password is composed of the following two elements:

  • Last four digits of your student ID number
  • First four characters of your last name with the first letter capitalized

NOTE If your last name includes additional letters that are normally capitalized they will still be capitalized in your default password. If you last name is less than four characters the capital letter "A" will be added to the end of your name until enough letters are added to satisfy the four-character requirement. Passwords are case-sensitive.

Here are a few examples:

Student ID# = 1234567
Last Name = Smith
Default Password = 4567Smit

Student ID# = 2345678
Last Name = Ray
Default Password = 5678RayA

Student ID# = 3456789
Last Name = McCoy
Default Password = 6789McCo

Returning Students
If you activated your account but never changed your password, then your password will still be your default. You are strongly encouraged to change your default password by using the Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) and are required to do so every 90 days. This tool can also be used to reset your own password if you forget it. You will need to know the answers to the two security questions you previously selected. You are given three (3) attempts to answer your security questions when resetting your password before you are be locked out of the system. If this happens, call or visit the IT Help Desk to have your account unlocked.

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